• Quality Objective

  It is the objective of Vianky Group (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL),

  • To provide world-class Project Management strategies, tools and techniques that ensures the Engineering, Procurement and Construction phases of all projects we handle, meet the required standards and clients’ specifications.
  • To ensure timely completion of works/services within the stipulated schedule, scope and budget, thereby ensuring maximum client satisfaction.
  • To ensure provision of adequate resources in all the phases of the project.
  • To ensure delivery of services that sustains long term business relationship.
  • To handle client’s complaints are in a timely and effective manner and ensure all issues are resolved.                                             

• Quality Policy Statement

  • We are committed to providing world-class services that meet our clients’ requirements in Project Management Consultancy, Manpower Supplies and Inspection/Quality Management Services in the Oil and Gas industry and beyond.
  • It is our commitment to ensure effective implementation of the requirements of NIS ISO 9001:2008 standards ……….

…….in all our services, and the continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

  • Quality Objectives are established at the corporate, departmental and project levels and these objectives are regularly reviewed and updates as the need arise.

• Community Affairs Policy Statement

VIANKY GROUP is highly committed to developing and maintaining a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship with her host communities. In-line with this, PDL, VESL, VNL and URL shall:

  • Establish and maintain an effective communication channel with her host communities. These could be through regular meetings with an agreed structure.
  • Ensure full compliance with the Guidelines developed in the CONTRACT for the management of relations with communities impacted by our PROJECTS.
  • Identify and implement fair procedures for hiring of necessary local personnel and award of sub-contracts to competent subcontractors in order to give economic empowerment to the people from the communities.
  • Establish a rapid response approach to complaints from the communities and ensure a fair and timely resolution of all issues raised.
  • Respect the employment policies established by COMPANY and shall not make any payments to communities which have not been previously agreed by COMPANY. Not allow sit-at-home payments or payments to ghost workers and payment for goods not delivered or services not rendered and for equipment supplied which do not meet minimum agrees specifications and standards.
  • Ensure COMPANY Community Liaison Officer’s do not make commitments to communities without prior approval from Management. Honour all commitments made to communities.
  • Where possible, provide on-the-job training to available local unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled manpower through sustained on-the-job training programs.
  • Sponsor a number of people from host communities on skill acquisition programs  

• Environmental and Waste Management Policy Statement

 VIANKY GROUP (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) shall protect and preserve the environment within her areas of operation. To achieve this;

  • The workforce shall ensure that company operations do not have any adverse effect on the air, water, soil, plant or animals within work environment.
  • Waste shall be colour coded.
  • All waste generated in the course of executing projects are collected, segregated, treated and disposed-off in such a way as not to have any adverse impact on the environment.
  • Regular Environmental/Waste Management audits shall be conducted.
  • All operations shall be carried out in conformity with National laws and regulations on Environmental Sustainability.
  • Daily clean-up exercises shall be conducted to ensure all debris and obstructions are removed to reduce the risk of potential injuries to lives; and reduce the risk of any adverse effects on the environment.

 At the completion of any activity, our ultimate goal is to leave the environment in a tidy and acceptable state.

• Health Policy Statement

VIANKY GROUP activities shall be carefully planned and executed in a manner that is safe enough to ensure the sustained well-being of the employees. To ensure the successful implementation of the Health Policy, Vianky Group (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) shall;

  • Ensure any newly engaged staff of the company undergoes a Medical Fitness test prior to employment, and subsequently, periodic medical checks during the course of employment with the company.
  • Ensure that smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars or Pipe are prohibited within work locations and a designated ‘No-Smoking Area’ is adhered to.
  • Evaluate the risk to health associated with exposures to hazards and take action to eliminate, substitute or adequately reduce them.
  • Ensure all catering premises and activities, over which she has prevailing influence, present no risk of illness to personnel or third parties.
  • Protect food and water from the risk of contamination of any kind.
  • Accept the use of hazardous products, provided precautions are taken to completely eliminate the hazards associated with the use of such products during operation or reduce their inherent risks to ‘As Low As Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP) levels.
  • Dispose of hazardous waste in strict accordance with company, Client and Government approved disposal procedure.

• Local Content Policy Statement

  • Vianky Group (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) is a wholly indigenous company committed to the utilization of human and material resources of Nigerian origin in the execution of projects without compromising global standards.
  • We endeavour to employ a greater percentage of Nigerian staff in the company. At present, our staff strength is 100% Nigerian.
  • Our technical personnel are undergo regular relevant trainings programs within Nigeria to furnish them with the required and acceptable skills needed in the execution of our services within the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • The semi-skilled and unskilled labour we employ from time to time in the course of project executions are employed from the indigenous local communities where we carry out our work.
  • We endeavour to patronize Nigeria businesses and in turn the Nigerian economy, by sourcing materials locally. We only venture into the foreign markets when the required materials are not locally available or in situations when contractual requirements ensure it is necessary we source abroad.
  • We are open to appraisals of our Nigerian Content Development (NCD) practices by our clients and welcome constructive criticisms of our practices. We believe this puts us ahead of our competitors in all sectors we have interests in.

• Safety Policy Statement

VIANKY GROUP (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) shall ensure the Safety of all personnel and equipment in all her operations by meeting and exceeding all required Safety standards and legislations. We also aim to ensure the safety of the environment where we operate. To achieve this:

  • Only equipment that have been inspected and certified fit-for-purpose shall be used by the company in her operations. Also, only competent operators shall be employed to operate equipment at our work locations.
  • The relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shall be provided to the entire workforce to mitigate against the effects of on-the-job hazards.
  • Before the commencement of any task, a Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) shall be conducted to outline the risk(s) associated with the execution of the task. The JSA also states the control measures needed to eliminate the risk, or reduce it to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) levels.
  • Any work considered “unsafe” would not commence, while any work that has commenced and later observed to be “unsafe” shall be discontinued. All personnel to have been empowered to implement the Stop Work Authorization Program (SWAP) for all jobs where poop Safety procedures are in place.
  • All work shall be covered by the appropriate Work Permit, Safety Codes, Standards and Procedures.
  • All sub-contractors shall comply with all the company’s Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • All observations and recommendations towards improving the company’s SSE performance shall be implemented.
  • Regular Safety Awareness Trainings shall be organized to for staff.
  • Competent SHE personnel shall be employed to supervise and monitor all safety-related activities at company’s operational locations.

• Security Policy Statement

VIANKY GROUP (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) is highly committed to ensuring that the security of its workforce, equipment and all stakeholders are of utmost priority.

In line with this goal, Vianky Group shall:

  • Ensure the protection of all Vianky Group, Client and Sub-contractor personnel.
  • Pro-actively discourage attacks on project personnel, equipment, and facilities
  • Establish and maintain an effective communication channel with host communities.
  • Ensure full compliance with security guidelines developed in the CONTRACT for the management of PROJECTS.
  • Identify and implement fair procedures for hiring of necessary local security personnel and award of sub-contracts to competent Security Labour Suppliers in order to give economic empowerment to the people from the host communities.
  • Establish a rapid response approach to complaints from the communities and ensure a fair and timely resolution of issues raised.

• Training Policy Statement

VIANKY GROUP (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL) recognizes the importance of engaging and retaining a competent workforce at all times. VIANKY GROUP recognizes the need for regular update of staff knowledge base in their core areas. To ensure this;

  • The company shall engage their staff in regular internal and external using qualified and experienced training providers.
  • The company shall provide funds for the training of its personnel.
  • The company shall develop A Training Plan/ Schedule for her personnel;
  • All newly recruited personnel shall undergo a compulsory HSE Induction program and any on-the-job skill training required before commencing operations.
  • Competent and eligible personnel shall attend relevant seminars, workshops and conferences of company interest.
  • For certain workshops or trainings, the company shall adopt the Train The Trainer (TTT) system.
  • The company shall maintain a staff-training dossier.

• Drugs and Alcohol Policy Statement

It is an offence for any employee to indulge in the following activities while working with VIANKY GROUP (PDL, VESL, VNL and URDL), or residing in the work location operated by VIANKY GROUP or its clients.

  • To be under the influence of alcohol.
  • To be in possession of or under the influence of any non-prescription drug.
  • To be in possession of other illegal or controlled substance.
  • To smoke within prohibited areas.


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